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[S6E7] Defender Of All Universes

When "Breaking Bad," one of the most acclaimed and awarded TV dramas of all time, ended its five-year run in 2013, fans at least had "Better Call Saul" to look forward to. Co-created by "Breaking Bad" captains Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the semi-comedic spinoff featured Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as sketchy bus-bench lawyer Saul Goodman ... or rather small-time public defender and nail salon-inhabiting lawyer Jimmy McGill as he became Saul Goodman. Set a few years before the events of "Breaking Bad," "Saul" adds substantially to the "Breaking Bad" universe of Albuquerque's seedy criminal world. That also means it's loaded with references to its parent series, not to mention clues to Jimmy/Saul's past, present, and future.

[S6E7] Defender of All Universes

In terms of appearance, Biollante is likely the most abnormal out of all Godzilla enemies (and to think that it was a human creation). Biollante also serves as the Godzilla's heaviest enemy, weighing at a hefty 220,000 tons, making it less mobile than others though a bigger problem for Earth's defender. 041b061a72

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